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2011-08-23 20:44:14 by Schmeego

I've recently gotten into the idea of pixel images and will probably be making some of them. Just a "Heads Up" to anyone that cares. :D


2011-08-21 20:15:37 by Schmeego

Hey, hi.

Hey all!

2011-07-22 23:22:01 by Schmeego

I made one of those tumblr kajiggers. Feel free to follow me, you're glorious king, into the battle of the interweb sector known as TUMBLR!

Where is errbody?

2011-05-17 17:44:54 by Schmeego

I'm all alone. Like Tim Curry in the Broadway production of "Spamalot."

Hey There

2011-01-04 21:44:27 by Schmeego

I've decided to upload a song by my band. It'll be up as soon as the audio broskies approve of it. I really hope you all enjoy it and not be assholes. But I trust you all. Don't disappoint me.


2010-12-06 15:53:08 by Schmeego

I'd like you all to know that I am not dead! I just don't currently do shit. I'm thinking of recording some music to throw on this bitch. If I do, it won't be for a while. You see, my friends, I am a lazy douche bag and I don't commonly get around to doing stuff. But I love you. If you love me, your glorious leader and master, please give me some insight on stuff! :D


2010-10-11 16:32:32 by Schmeego

Sorry, public. But the scanner I got doesn't It's more of can I put this? A PEICE OF FRAKING SHAT! It doesn't do anything. It's like a cat, but made of useless shit. It's also queer and it's mother is a hooker. SO! For the time being, I have nothing to present you. Goodbye, and watch out for street corners. WISH ME LUCK!


2010-09-01 15:50:27 by Schmeego

One of my broskies has a scanner that he is TOTALLY gonna give me. This means, whenever I do something cool, I can share it with the good people of Newgrounds. I thought you'd all be happy to know.


2010-08-25 21:22:18 by Schmeego

As you may know, I still have yet to do shit. I'm thinking of submitting some art. YES LOYAL PUBLIC, I ACTUALLY HAVE A SKILL. I KNOW, RIGHT? Fer honest, I think I'll put something up soon. Just keep the faith. I love all of you. Equally. A lot. The statement stands.


2010-08-18 20:32:28 by Schmeego

I have chosen to take a class on FRENCH! That's right, bitches, FRENCH! Considering how freakin' cool French is, I will probably use it if I ever do anything. Just today, I learned the French Alphabet. It's very similarish the the language of English. Cept some of the letter's are pronounced all funny like. My favorite of which being "w". Which is pronounced like DOOBLEVA. I just thought I'd let you all in on this. Till next time, Au Revoir!